Vol 1, No 1 (2018)

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From the Editor

Introduction and Welcome PDF
W G Kleintjies 2

Original articles

Acute abdominal compartment syndrome in a severely burned patient: Lack of colloid fluid availability in acute resuscitation may play a role PDF
S Botes, W G Kleintjies, E P Kotzee, B Bulajic, A Fredericks, J L Burke, J Buys 4-5
A wound assessment and management acronym: BE ME SIC SOS PDF
W G Kleintjes 6-9
A new gold (old) standard for nose reconstruction: The one-stage midline forehead flap – a 13-year retrospective review of results using the central vein and inverted-kite pedicle base modification PDF
W G Kleintjes 10-15
An algorithm for responsive fluid resuscitation at the Western Cape Provincial Tertiary Adult Burn Centre PDF
W G Kleintjes, C A Baars, H Parker, C Augustyn, W Grove, E P Koetzww 16-18
The horizontal reconstructive ladder PDF
W G Kleintjes 19-20

Case reports

Case report: Unusual complications of severe hidradenitis suppurativa PDF
S R Gautam, A E Zühlke 21-22